She is the heiress of the family estate "Burnsworth" and the only daughter of Harry Burnsworth and Kitty Burnsworth. Throughout the series, Kajika is considered to be a beauty with pinkish red hair that is styled in a chic messy bob and stunning silver eyes.

Dressing in more of an elegant and appropriate clothing, she ranks to be an average height for a lady. Kajika is a kind, head-strong and fearless girl who thrives on life and trusts her instincts which will often lead to her recklessly rushing into dangerous situations.

When she makes a decision about something she will stubbornly stick to it like Eugene Alexandr de Volkan being the reincarnation of Mustafa and she isn't afraid to speak her mind telling Eugene he's Mustafa. At times, she can be very childish when she doesn't get her way and can throw tantrums at Li Ren Fang in particular, coming off like a spoiled little sister.

Kajika can also be very naive, to Li Ren Fang and Toranosuke's grief where she has on more than one occasion shared a bed with her husband candidates. It's all been innocent, but Kajika is completely unaware of the sexual implications and she doesn't understand romantic love at all. To her, everyone is someone interesting who she'd like to be friends with and who she all likes equally. Kajika can become very lonely, especially at night.

She had gotten so used to always having Mustafa beside her all those years. When Kajika was two years old, Kitty Kugami Kajika's mother had lost her life protecting her during an attempted assassination. After the murder of her mother, Harry Burnsworth sent Kajika to a remote island called Giviolle that was found in the Caribbean. She spent dominant of her life there and was raised by a local named Maria.

Kajika's constant companion while growing up was the snow leopard named Mustafaa leopard that was given by Harry as a gift. During her stay there, around times a year a boy named Li Ren Fang often visited her. He was chosen to be the leader of the Fang group and was given the responsibility to lead the clan to success in the business world.

He was the one who gave Mustafa to Kajika in Harry's behalf during their first meeting when they were children. When Kajika first has her freedom off the island, she requests her father to let her attend school in Japan, the home country of Kitty where Kajika befriends a girl named Yui Yamate during her time in the Japanese school.

Since Kajika has mostly been surrounded by adults and boys when on the island she is excited to make friends with a girl her own age. Not taught any of the usual social etiquette and left to mostly run wild on the island, Kajika often says and does what she feels to the embarrassment and puzzlement to those around her.

Talking about her grief involving the death of her beloved white leopard, Mustafa, she is unashamed to shed tears and show her love for the animal even when it alienates her from her other classmates. Which often leads others to judge her and take her as a "weirdo". She has a bodyguard named Toranosuke whom she treats as a little brother and would often tease him being "baby faced", when in fact he's 3 years her senior.

She is soon taken out of the school by Li Ren to see her father. Harry challenges Kajika to a husband seeking game and explains that he has chosen 3 young men to be candidates that will become her future husband.

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He won't tell her who they are, but says that she'll know them when she sees them. The object of the game is that she must make all 3 candidates fall in love with her. If she loves one of them in return, Harry wins. If she loves none of them, Kajika wins. Either way, Harry promises Kajika that he'll tell her the truth about her "destiny". Li Ren offered a more closer business relationship with Harry by agreeing to be Kajika's guardian during the game.The Kajika frog or Buerger's frog Buergeria buergeri is a species of frog in the family Rhacophoridae.

It is endemic to Japan where it can be found on HonshuKyushuand Shikoku islands. As with other species in the family Rhacophoridae, the female is bigger than the male. Males are 3. Their bodies are flat which allows them to easily hide between rocks.

They are grayish-brown in color with speckles which makes for protective camouflage on rocks. There is a dark T-shaped pattern between their eyes. They are able to change their shade of color to a certain extent based on their surroundings. There isn't much individual variance in color. Suction pads grow on the tips of their fingers and toes.

Kajika frog

Their eggs are dark brown with a diameter of 0. Their mouths are big and have suction pads that allow them to cling onto rocks in a strong current in order to not get carried away. They live in montane streamslakes, and the surrounding forests.

Their diet consists of insects and spiders. The tadpoles eat algae. The male creates a territory on top of a rock on the riverside and does a mating call. The name "Kajika" lit. Around total eggs are laid across multiple sessions in the water, usually underneath a rock, between the months of April and August. The eggs hatch after roughly 2 weeks. Because of their cry they have been the subject of Waka summer kigoand in Japanese a person with a beautiful singing voice is referred to as "Kajika".

They are sometimes raised as pets. In the Edo period there were specific "Kajika cages" that were used to raise them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Kajika Frog. Kajika frog. Conservation status. Amphibian Species of the World 5. American Museum of Natural History. Retrieved 23 November Hidden categories: Articles with 'species' microformats Taxonomy articles created by Polbot.Kajika is part of the mysteriously empowered people called the Kawa clan, and he is an orphan.

As a child, Kajika was very evil and often caused trouble in the village. He did many awful things just for the heck of it.


One day, wanting to play with it, he chased after a defenseless fox Gigi and he smashed it with a giant rock. Upon being killed, the fox came back as a spirit and casted a spell on Kajika, turning him into a half-fox and severely limiting his abilities.

Being turned into a fox-man gave Kajika several animal skills, such as keen hearing and developed smell, as well as the ears and tail of a fox. Kajika was then given a pill with immense rejuvenation properties and kicked out of his village because of his monstrous appearance.

In an attempt to teach Kajika the value of life, Gigi gave him one chance to return to human form: he must save 1, lives and take none.

Kajika sets out on a journey to save lives of 1, animals and break the curse accompanied by spirit of the dead fox, Gigi, who decided to accompany him because Kajika was only a child at the time; upon saving 1, life forms, Kajika will go back to being a boy and Gigi will once again get its body back.

During those years and thanks to his companion Gigi, Kajika is taught civility and good manners. He eats dog food, and he arrests bandits and accumulates bounty to live decently, but he still does know how to use modern technology such as mobile phones. After five years of saving life forms, the team has almost completed its mission with only ten more lives to save. While going to a village after saving his th life formKajika hears something that sounds like trouble.

When they investigate, they spy a young woman being surrounded by a gang of thugs. The woman takes out two of the baddies, and when her sword breaks while fighting the leader, Kajika decides to enter the scene. After a dramatic leap, he lands on his face, dusts himself off and takes care of the rest of the bad guys.

After defeating the gang, Kajika uses a special power to remove all of their evil, turning them good, after which the leader gathers his men and politely leaves. It is only then that Kajika learns that the girl he saved is named Haya and is a thief; he is told that the guys work for the merciless gangster Gibachi who is after her because of the Dragon Egg she possesses.

He then obtains the egg of the last remaining dragon on Earth from the girl and is asked to return it to Ronron Island. Kajika is dead set against assisting a thief, but Gigi thinks it might be a good idea. As the three set off, though, Haya makes up an excuse as to why she can not continue, but it is really because she fears Gibachi.Although it has not been licensed for an English language release, Kajika has been translated and published in several European territories.

Kajika is the story of title protagonist and his quest to return to being a normal boy. As a child, Kajika was very evil. His greatest known evil was chasing after a defenseless fox and smashing it with a giant rock. Upon being killed, the spirit of the fox cursed Kajika and Kajika was turned into a fox-man.

The spirit of the dead fox, named Gigi, decided to accompany Kajika on his journey. Upon saving 1, life forms, Kajika will go back to being a boy and Gigi will once again get its body back. After five years of saving life forms, the team only has ten more lives to save.

After defeating the gang, Kajika then uses a special power to remove all of their evil, turning them good. Haya then went to Sumakia and stole it from Gibachi. She then went on a quest to return the egg. Gibachi tries to kill Haya and recover the egg. Haya then asks Kajika to help her on her quest. As the three go to Ronron island we are told why Gibachi wants the egg so badly.

There is an old saying that says if you drink the blood of a young Dragon, then you will gain incredible powers. No one is sure if this is true, but the baby dragon does have Dragomin in its blood which allows it to mature extremely fast. As the three set off, though, Haya makes up an excuse as to why she can not continue, but it is really because she fears Gibachi. So, now it is up to Kajika and Giri to return the egg, but it will not be so easy now that they are being hunted down by the world-famous assassin known as Isaza, who is also a member of the powerful Kawa tribe.

Kajika is an extremely strong boy, but it is also revealed that being turned into a fox-man is holding down his true powers. She described Kajika as a highly entertaining adventure story due to Toriyama's easy-to-follow writing and comic style and for possessing "the art of a master of action". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Animerica Extra. Viz Media.Kajika was formerly a shinobi of Kirigakure. After leaving the village and becoming a missing-nin, Kajika became acquainted with Orochimaru and Otogakure. Kajika was very loyal to "Lord" Orochimaru, stating that he "wanted to be useful to someone he respected" and referring to Orochimaru as "the Wonderful One".

He was also very cruel and seemingly relished combat, licking his lips when he fought Sasuke. He had short black hair which was concealed by a grey shark-like top complete with a hood which resembled a shark's head, with an appendage on the back that resembled a dorsal fin and dark pants.

He also had two dark violet markings under his green eyes. At the edges of his mouth, Kajika had two upward curving lines, reminiscent of a Glasgow smile. Additionally, his fingernails were very long.


Kajika was shown to be a strong opponent. He was shown to be very deductive, capable of calling Naruto and Sasuke 's bluff when they posed as his comrades almost immediately. Kajika was both strong and fast, to the point that even Sasuke's Sharingan could not keep up with him. It was shown that he was capable of leaving large craters in the earth when he struck it.

He was also able to knock his opponents a great distance away, and through rock, with a single strike. Kajika was shown to be able to swim very fast, skilfully dodging income attacks. When his vision was obscured by smoke bombs, Kajika was able to use instinct to dodge sneak attacks and kunai used against him. Kajika was shown to excel at Water Release nature transformation, using advanced techniques effortlessly, within a minimum amount of time, and with destructive power. His skill with a water clone was enough to easily fend off Sasuke, while he was fighting Naruto himself.

He was capable of dissolving one of his clones, and use the remaining water to turn into countless amounts of large ice darts or water tendrils. Kajika also showed the ability to make a platform of water for him to stand on.

As further testament to his mastery, Kajika was also able to form the Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Techniquewith only one hand seal, showing excellent chakra control. It was also powerful enough to send his opponent through solid rock and shatter their bones. His most remarkable technique however was his ability to fire large jets of water, pressurised to the point of looking quasi-solid, that can easily shatter rock with his Water Release: Cold Sky Water Attack.

Kajika and his group attacked Naruto UzumakiSakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha while they were waiting for Kakashi Hatake to finish his reconnaissance for the missing man Genmai who was kidnapped to lure Team 7 and mostly Sasuke.

He kidnapped Sakura and took her to his lair while his team-mates fought Naruto and Sasuke.

Kajika's team-mates returned only they're Naruto and Sasuke in disguise and he fought against the two. He revealed to Sasuke that his " Lord " sent him and his group to test Sasuke's strength. After some planning, Sasuke trapped Kajika in some wires and Naruto and his shadow clones defeat the trapped Kajika. While trying to break free and attack Sasuke, Kajika became possessed by Orochimaru.

After his short talk with Sasuke, Orochimaru released his control of Kajika and his body exploded, resulting in his death. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Kajika Burnsworth

Category : Characters. Naruto: The Cross Roads. Takehito Koyasu. Kirigakure Otogakure.Plus, you get Corner stats and Card stats along with CSV. Premium will get you more wins. We also provide analysis for in-play statistics, which will inform you at which point in a match a team scores or concedes their goals across the season. This feature is handy for understanding in-play dynamics of each football team.

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